Composite Decking Ideas

So you’ve chosen Trex composite decking and picked your perfect colour but you want to make your deck stand out. Now it’s time to consider some of the Trex decking ideas you’d like to incorporate into your deck. With Trex composite decking, you get more than a reduction in maintenance

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Composite Deck Boards: What You Need To Know

Planning your next decking project? Or want a lower maintenance deck this time around? There are many options and types of composite deck boards out there and the choice can seem daunting. With over 50 types of composite decking products available from great decking options like Trex to choose from,

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Composite Deck: To Build Or Not To Build

A deck adds value to your home and they extend and enter your living space outdoors. When you are thinking of building a deck you need to consider the best material options for you.The search for the best available options for your dream deck is not an easy choice. In

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Building A Deck Without A Permit: Ontario

Have you bought a house and want to add a deck? Or thinking of adding one to your pre-existing home?  Here at Deckly, “Do I need a permit to build a deck?” is one of the most common questions we get. Here’s what you need to know about when a

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