Composite Deck Boards: What You Need To Know

Planning your next decking project? Or want a lower maintenance deck this time around? There are many options and types of composite deck boards out there and the choice can seem daunting. With over 50 types of composite decking products available from great decking options like Trex to choose from, all with different price options, you need some information to make the best choice for you.

We’re here to try to make your search a little easier!

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What is Composite Decking Made of?

Installed sand-coloured PVC deck boards.
Composite decking boards are made of a mixture of reclaimed materials that can include polyethylene plastic or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) mixed with wood fibre or other filler and chemical additives. The mixture is melted and then pushed through a former to create the lumber decking shape we know and love.

Different Types of Composite Boards

Physical Differences

There are four types of composite decking boards when it comes to how they physically look and function called board shoulders or board profiles. This refers to how the board looks from a side view or under view, and this affects the fastening options. These do not change the look of your deck, only how the decking is installed. Contact a contractor for the best options for your project.

Full Profile

Full profile boards are the most solid and sturdy with flat sides and bottom. It is the most solid feeling when standing on them and these act the most similar to regular wood decking.

Scalloped Profile

This decking has straight shoulders but two or more grooves running along the underside. These are made with less material which reduces the weight without sacrificing durability or strength.


A solid board not unlike the full profile board, but smaller and allows for easier top-down installation styles with some companies having hidden or colour-matching fastenings (these will be seen).


A board with grooves running along the sides to allow for hidden fastenings.

Different Design Options

Beautiful grey composite boards with colour match fastenings.

Aesthetically, there are many textures and colours of composite decking materials. There is a multitude of products from companies like Trex that can range from a detailed wood look to any colour you can desire to match your home space or other outdoor pieces and make your project.

Most popular brands like Trex offer higher grain looks to mimic most wood types that you could want, including replicated exotic woods (with no maintenance!). There is composite decking available that feels different to the touch and no two are meant to look alike. Composite also has less maintenance than wood and doesn’t require stain or sealant. Some higher-end decking even has no “plastic” look to them but the price can go up to three times more.

Compliment your house’s colour scheme with over 50 types of composite materials available.
Browse and shop stores or websites like Trex and their products (with matching fascia!) to see what looks best represents you and fits your needs alone or with an available contractor.

How Much do Composite Deck Boards Cost?

The biggest deterrence from composite decking is the price. To compare costs, Quality composite decking can cost two to three times more than pressure-treated wood. But, composite products last two to three times longer, with Trex claiming no maintenance costs and a 25-year warranty. Other available decking options can cost up to $30 per square foot.
Trex offers prices within three categories of quality of decking: the lowest coming to about $11 per square foot and the highest coming to about $20 per square foot for an installed deck (materials only). Calculate a deck estimate with Trex.

Match your outdoor pieces to the perfect board colour.

When it comes to the best warranty, colours, performance, touch feel, or maintenance when choosing options for your home composite deck extension pick from popular companies like Trex, or contact us for our service.

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