Composite Decking Ideas

So you’ve chosen Trex composite decking and picked your perfect colour but you want to make your deck stand out. Now it’s time to consider some of the Trex decking ideas you’d like to incorporate into your deck.

With Trex composite decking, you get more than a reduction in maintenance and optimal material, you can also get creative with the physical design on top of what you choose to decorate and style your deck with.

We’ve collected some composite decking ideas to think about for you and your company to enjoy!

Composite Decking Designs


Trex offers many great decking options when it comes to the colour of deck boards, making it hard to choose what would work best for you. Why not have two? A two-tone effect is a way to get the best of both worlds while adding a unique character to your outdoor living space. Consider the Trex Transcend Havana Gold and Spiced Rum together for a beautiful dual colour scheme.

Picture Framing

This is a composite decking design to guarantee you stand out and transform even the simplest of decks by having a border around the edge, you can even make the framing two-toned to make it stand out even more!

Diagonal Runs

Diagonal runs are a sophisticated idea for being creative in your installation. Add diagonal runs in your project to avoid plain large areas of linear runs of decking, or even cover your whole deck in alternating diagonal patterns to really stand out!

Curved or Rounded Edges

Have rounded edges for a modern and unique look.
For a more modern and chic look try having curved or rounded edges to your deck. They add a more dynamic feel to your outdoor space and it can be achieved quite easily. Trex composite decking cuts like timber and with pre-installation planning and the right flexible skirting trim, you can even fascia the edges when they are rounded for the complete look!

Decking Steps and Railings

Things like railings and steps on a deck can spice up how your deck looks and make a statement without doing much. A railing can be made to match your deck’s design or it can help take in your views with a railing design that doesn’t take away from the view like a Trex mesh railing. Need help with installation? We can help with that!

Deck Lighting

Add ambiance and extend your time on your deck with lighting.
Lighting does more than just illuminate your deck, this design idea offers a functional and aesthetically pleasing upgrade. By incorporating lights into your area you can brighten up your project at night, extending your stay outside and it is capable of creating amazing ambience. This addition can be installed easily and is very effective in changing your space, making it one of our favourite Trex deck ideas that they offer!

Integrated Planters

Outdoor planters on your deck can make a more peaceful and inviting environment. There are many types of planters or garden containers out there, but for a more consistent and contemporary feel go with integrated planters! These, like the Trex cube planters, can match your deck wood and pattern for the most cohesive look. Or even creating cutouts for existing trees can also be a unique way to incorporate a picture of nature on your deck!


Cozy built-in deck benches around a fire table.
The most practicable design ideas for decks are adding built-in benches or conversation areas (think similar to a 70s conversation pit) with a propane fire table that can please all the guests you want to entertain. Trex boards can also be used to create permanent and matching seating on your deck, some that are guaranteed to last just as long as the deck itself!

Storage Drawers

Keep things secure and collected while staying stylish and consistent with your composite deck colour and style, Trex offers outdoor storage ideas that can be integrated into your deck.

Composite Deck Styling Tips

HGTV Dream Home 2021 offers deck styling tips for Trex decks, we have compiled and incorporated those ideas and more!

Find Your Zone

Lounging area of a deck.
If you have enough space it can be helpful to divide up your deck into different zones and have the spaces for different uses, just like rooms in your home! Try a zone for eating, for conversations and hosting company, or a cozy reading corner. Outdoor rugs, umbrellas, plants and furniture can make each “room” feel like its own distinct area.

Add Pieces You can Use

Colourful Accents

Embrace colour by adding fun and stylish accents! These could be pillow sets, throw blankets, umbrellas or even cushions for chairs or other furniture. Adding these design pieces can achieve whatever look desired while making decks a more inviting living space outside of your home.


Conversation area with a propane fire pit.

Outdoor fireplaces can extend your deck season for months as a heat source and brighten up your deck design as a focal point. Whether you choose low-maintenance propane or wood-burning, a fireplace can be great for hosting company or enjoying a relaxing chilly night.

Outdoor Shower

Something that not many people have is outdoor water features like outdoor showers or bathtubs! This funky idea could be perfect for peaceful soaks or rinsing off after swimming or sweating. Trex composite decking is weather and water-resistant and won’t rot or absorb the water so you can splash around stress-free!
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