Ways To Enjoy Your Deck All Year Round

Sadly, summer is only a few months of the year, and some of those days are not picture-perfect weather. The heat, rain and wind can all cause trouble in paradise, along with the approaching colder seasons. But the fun doesn’t have to stop there! Decks don’t only have to be used in the summertime. You may not get to use your deck, patio or porch the same way in the dead of winter, but the last days of summer don’t need to put a stop to all the fun to be had!

Don’t let any weather conditions prevent you from potentially enjoying your outdoor living space year-round! We’ve come up with some ideas for some creative design elements to add to enjoy your outdoor space in all seasons.

Optimize Your Summer Time

Scorching hot weather, rainy days, wind and the like can sometimes take the excitement out of using your outdoor space during the summertime. But with a few ideas, you could add some elements to your deck, patio or porch to make you and your family or guests get the most out of your deck design.


Add outdoor lighting to use your deck later into the night.
Continue to use your space when the sun goes down with outdoor lighting! Lights create a great ambiance for nice nights and can keep you outside longer. Fire pits can also be added to keep you gathered around and cozy on cool nights, getting you out of the house longer.

Pest Control

The most annoying of all the things that summer brings is the bugs. Add screening to your deck to keep them at bay or purchase candles to keep them away.

Beating the Heat

Create shade with an umbrella to beat the heat.

As much as the sun shining is a reason to be outside, it can sometimes be too much to handle. If your deck or patio is poolside then that is the best solution but there are still plenty of other ways to beat the heat.

Creating shade is a major way to keep the heat at bay when the weather is nice. Create shade using umbrellas, or getting a table with an umbrella stand within it for entertaining or sitting as a family, can keep you covered this summer. Umbrellas can be a unique accent and protection against harmful UV rays. More permanent methods of creating shade could include a screen, curtains, panels or a large trellis or canopy to block out some of the sun on your deck.

Everyone knows that an easy way to staying cool is a cold drink. Something more simple to have on your deck, patio or porch is an ice bucket! Ice buckets are affordable and can be used as a stylish piece for decorating outdoor spaces. For a more expensive option, you can instead add an outdoor refrigerator.

Adding fans to your deck, patio or porch can also keep you out of the house longer and make the hot season more enjoyable.

Rainy Days

Adding a roof can get you to use your deck, even in the rain.
Don’t get rained out of using your deck! The best way to enjoy your deck in the rain is to consider adding a roof or awning and adding some warm blankets. Contact us for any questions about installing a roof on your deck in the Toronto area.

Wind Protection

Eliminate wind by installing wind-breaking curtains or panels, usually made of vinyl (the same materials used for retractable awnings) or corrugated metal or wood panelling.

Seasonal Enhancements

The months following summer pose a threat to the enjoyment of your deck, patio or porch, but not if you don’t let them! Make the most out of your deck and continue to use it year-round with deck design enhancements like furniture, lighting, and heat sources.

Furniture & Accessories

Adding warm accessories to your deck can help you stay cozy.

Purchasing seasonal, weatherproof, outdoor furniture can help not only durability for years to come, but for your enjoyment in the colder months. Furniture made from powder-coated steel, teak, and polyresin wicker are weather-resistant and made to withstand the outdoors and its elements for many years. Remember that covered outdoor furniture on decks lasts longer when not in use!

Adding lights for when it gets darker faster in the fall and springtime can extend your day. Lights with timers can illuminate your outdoor space for when you want and you can forget about remembering to turn them on and off.

Go Enclosed

The most costly but effective of measures to continue to use your deck all year round is to enclose your deck. The covering would create an indoor-outdoor experience and a covered deck is something to consider if you want to use it optimally. Glass enclosures would keep the outside sun while still providing an indoor feeling in all other seasons. Contact us for any questions about enclosing your deck in the Toronto area.

Keeping It Warm

Beating the cold is the largest obstacle to overcome when thinking of using your deck all year round (yes even in the winter too).

Heat Sources

Heat sources like fireplaces are the best way to stay warm.
The best and simple way to extend your time spent on your deck during the year is by adding some heat sources near your seating arrangements. Keeping you and your family or guests toasty, a fire pit is a great way to extend the use of your deck even in the winter! Gather around the fire pit to roast some marshmallows and share stories. Go permanent or portable and consider a fire pit, portable heater or other deck-safe heating sources to gather around in the winter.

Warm Accents

Add things like cozy weatherproof pillows and blankets to your outdoor furniture to make them more versatile in the cooler fall and springtime. But make sure to bring the pillows and blankets inside when it rains or snows to protect them.

Hot Tubs

Hot tubs provide relaxation and warmth year-round.

Hot tubs are popular for a reason: they are hot and relaxing! There’s nothing more daring and relaxing at the same time than a soak in a hot tub in the middle of winter. Install a hot tub in your yard to keep nice and hot this winter.

Keeping It Fun

The fun activities and uses for your deck don’t have to stop after summer is over.

Seasonal Decorations

Weather permitting, have seasonal decorations and parties outdoors! With your fire pits and other heating methods, gather outside for Halloween, Thanksgiving, birthdays or any other anniversaries.

Year-Round Gardening

Growing seasonal plants can keep your deck exciting and useful all year.
Grow seasonal flowers, herbs, or vegetables in containers on your porch, deck or patio to have you outside and enjoying your deck for more seasons. Just make sure to keep the plants away from all fire and fire pits!

Make The Most Of It

To enjoy your deck year-round you have to make the most of it. Investing in a heater, lighting, and other outdoor weather-resistant design pieces is key to make a point to have your deck open even in the winter!
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