Located in Acton, Ontario, Deckly’s expert Acton deck builders build custom decks for homeowners across the GTA. We’re passionate about making homes stand out and creating unique backyard spaces for new memories to be made on our quality crafted decks.

Acton Deck Builders

If you need a place around your home or in your backyard to relax and put your mind at rest, a deck is a good answer. A deck is an ideal place to entertain your guests, sip coffee with your family or friends, and enjoy quiet time alone. Moreover, it is an excellent way of extending the outdoor living space and increasing home value.

Building a new deck is an ultimate project that takes time, work, creativity, and practice. So if you want to build a deck around your home, it’s best to find a skilled deck builder (or a deck building company) to get the job done right. Of course, you should work closely with the service contractor and customer service team throughout the project.

If you live in Acton, you will want to hire a local company in the construction industry that has been building its business with many satisfied clients. Focus on reputable builders that serve the Action and surrounding area, providing their customers with uncompromising service and quality. You will want to work with someone who is officially open for business and has professional experience in building different types of decks.

Building decks for more than 10 years, we service Acton and other cities in Ontario. So you can rest assured that you’ll work with an experienced company that will get your project completed no matter how big and complicated it is. At Deckly, we work with our clients every step of the way from making an initial plan to designing and building. 

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We design and build decks that are unique to each homeowner, each backyard, and each budget. We accomplish this with premium quality materials such as custom wood, pressure-treated wood, vinyl or composite materials. We make the process as simple as possible for all of our customers.




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Deck Building Process

Before you sign a contract and get free estimates, take the time to learn more about basic deck building techniques for each phase. This will help you get a clearer sense of your project and choose the most appropriate service for your deck. Here’s everything you need to know about building a new deck and creating a great deck design.

Permits & Requirements for Building a Deck

Many Acton homeowners are caught by surprise when finding out that they need a building permit for decks. Just like other buildings, decks require a certain permit. Most decks require some permits. Without a permit, you may easily get into trouble and risk receiving a hefty fine. If you plan your property, you will also have a tough time selling your home with the illegally built deck. Your contractor would also risk losing its licenses if it builds without a permit.

Save yourself a headache and get a permit to have a trouble-free experience. Always work within the local rules before making any plan. Consider checking with the Acton building department and local homeowner association about building codes, permits, as well as other deck-building requirements. This way you will comply with local regulations in the Acton area and meet all the code standards. 

Make a Good Plan

A good plan is key to success. With that in mind, put a lot of time and work into planning your new deck. Try to imagine how you will assess your terrain and use the deck before putting your platform. Recognize and negotiate your needs thoroughly with the deck building company. 

Designing a New Deck

This is a demanding job, so it’s best to hire a deck builder to do everything from scratch. It is a good idea to order some decking samples to select the best color and design option that will fit in well with your home.

Many Acton homeowners simply attach decks to fit the existing ledger boards or replace the copies of old decks. These are some of the most common design mistakes that stifle creativity and limit options. Use your imagination and think outside the box.

There is a comprehensive range of deck design ideas and choices in the Acton area. Additionally, you can find a variety of free deck plans on the Internet to get inspired. While you can contact the customer service online and get free advice on your project, it is better to consult an experienced deck designer in Acton. Try to get the most out of a design consultation.

What are we going to do?

Our company can help design decks in accordance with the needs of our clients. If homeowners have already designed their decks on their own, we will just build what they want. Otherwise, we will include this service as well.

Whether you want us to design a low or high deck, we will do our best. Low decks usually don’t require any guardrails. However, they look a bit massive and quat. On the other hand, high decks look like floating platforms and appear lightweight. Higher decks also allow for surrounding landscape views. 

Foundation & Leveling

The next phase of your project is leveling and building a deck foundation. So try to find out whether the construction/design company you want to hire offers this service as part of its business. This is an important part of the project, so hire a company that will do a great job on this.

The simplest option is to place concrete blocks at each corner of the deck. However, you are advised to place the entire structure on the gravel top to enhance drainage.

If you don’t plan to attach the deck to your home, you will not mess around with door clearance. You’ll still need to install drainage underneath the construction, though. Make sure the slope is suitable for water drainage. Check for underground pipes and cables too. All of this will impact the overall deck design.

Be sure to consider ventilation besides drainage. Proper ventilation will make your deck free of mold and mildew. Well-ventilated decks are proven to last longer. 

Choose the Right Construction Materials

Whether you are looking for wood or composite decks, it is critical to choose high-quality materials that will work best for your particular project.

Pressure-treated wood is the most popular choice and most decks in Acton are built right from this material. It contains high levels of preservative to do a great job of guarding the deck against decay and rot. Alternatively, you can build a composite or PVC deck.

What are we going to do?

At our company, we use only high-quality materials during deck construction. We will create a list of building materials before starting to build so that you will know what materials are going to be used in construction. What’s more, we can implement just about any element the owners want. 

Framing & Decking

Framing is the key service when it comes to deck building. It involves setting out your deck, installing bearers and stumps, attaching joists to beams, and laying the decking boards. It is also recommended to trim the edges and add stairs or steps as well.

As you can see, this job requires a lot of hard work and effort. That is why you need to bring in a local building company or deck builders that service the Acton region to get the job done just fine.

What are we going to do?

As for deck building and framing, our company strives to complete the job quickly and according to the structural requirements of our clients. As stated above, we are willing to build decks based on the design provided. From railings and rim joists to posts and steps, our company will build every component of your deck properly. 

Enjoy Your Deck!

Let us take over the job and walk you through the entire process, recommending construction materials, sizes, and a deck design that suits your lifestyle. Eventually, you will be able to enjoy your dream deck and relax. 

Why wait? Let’s get started today.

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