Do Composite Decks Stain?

Wanting to restore and stain or paint your composite deck? Most Composite companies and manufacturers claim that composite will never require staining or painting. While it might not require it as wood does annually or biannually, you might want to touch up the colour after years or change it altogether

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Do Composite Decks Get Hot?

Thinking of using composite for your backyard outdoor living area? Composite decks are solid, high-quality, and require no painting or staining like other decking alternatives. Composite decking has become a great alternative to natural timber and has many advantages to its use. It is an environmentally friendly choice among other

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Is Composite Decking Slippery When Wet?

Everyone wants to avoid slipping and falling. Taking that into consideration when thinking about a new decking option is important. Made of recycled plastic material and low maintenance, composite decks are a great option when it comes to building decks and choosing material for them – but is composite decking

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Pros and Cons of Composite Decking

Considering composite decking for your new deck instead of wood decking? Wondering about composite decking pros and cons? Know the facts before you commit to materials for your home improvement project! Composite decking is quickly becoming more widely used for new decks. Still, there are pros and cons to consider

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